Strategic Hypnotherapy

About Hypnosis:

Hypnosis or guided relaxation is a tool that might be useful during our work together. When we are relaxed, we can find it easier to absorb new ideas and associations.

Strategic Hypnotherapy can be used to associate people to their dis-associated resources such as:

  • an ability to stop and think before taking impulsive action
  • an ability to centre oneself when feeling overwhelmed
  • tuning into one’s physical body and the messages it may convey
  • interrupting the “pain-fear-stress loop” and changing the way we relate to our bodily sensations
  • an ability to “tune out” pain and discomfort

Strategic Hypnotherapy can be used to amplify your strengths and de-amplify your weaknesses.

Hypnosis will only done with your permission. It may or may not be an appropriate tool for the work we are doing together. Under hypnosis you can’t do things you don’t want to do, and you are in complete control.

Not everyone is “hypnotizable”, but that does not matter because just being more relaxed will facilitate a more receptive state.

Hypnosis is one of many tools that can teach you the perspectives and skills to change your outlook and change your life.

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